in Client FAQ’s
The short answer is yes, rain and snow are fine, but if it’s too bad we have to shut it off.  LED screens should not be hanging or powered on in high winds or immediate lightning.

If it’s an outdoor event, we will only bring outdoor rated, IP65 LED panels, which are weather proof and dust proof.  As always, wind is a concern and we will have an action plan for each event.  If you’re using one of our Nomad mobile trailer units, they have a wind rating of up to 40mph.  If the wind is higher than that, we have to turn the screen off and lower it down into the trailer until the threat of wind has passed.  If your outdoor video wall is flown, we will have tie-down swing protection, and if needed we will lower the wall to the ground until the threat of high wind has passed.  During severe wind events, an area the height of the screen plus 8 feet must remain clear of ALL people, crew included.  In the event of imminent lightning, all screens must be landed and all equipment must be completely powered down.

These are our standard weather practices to ensure the safety of people first, and also the safety and care of the equipment.  We have weathered many a storm successfully and still provided great reliable LED screens to clients after the threat of the storm has passed.  If this is a concern to you, please let us know when you request a quote and we will discuss further how we can help.