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The quickest way to know the minimal optimum viewing distance of an LED screen is to double the pixel pitch of the screen and that’s how many feet away, at minimum, your audience should be from the screen for a nice clear picture. For example, if your screen is a 10mm pixel pitch, your optimal viewing distance from the screen is at least 20 feet.

For a quick reference and a little more accuracy, here’s a little chart that tells you minimum viewing distance, which is the closest you can be to the LED Panel and still make out a good image, and optimum viewing distance, which is the optimal distance to see the screen with a crisp, beautifully blended picture.

3mm Panels – min 5 ft, minimum 12 to optimal 20 ft
5mm Panels – min 8 ft, minimum 15 to optimal 20 ft
7mm Panels – min 12 ft, minimum 20 to optimal 30 ft
10mm Panels – min 15 ft, minimum 30 to optimal 40 ft
12mm Panels – min 16 ft, minimum 35 to optimal 45 ft
16mm Panels – min 20 ft, minimum 45 – optimal 60 ft
Neoti Nomad Mobile Unit – 20mm Pixel Pitch, min 35 ft, optimal 45 to 75 ft